NutraMet Fibra – 320g




NutraMet Fiber is a dietary fiber supplement based on resistant dextrins from wheat starch, completely soluble and tasteless, with very high digestive tolerability.

Fiber is an essential component of our diet, helping to promote the balance of intestinal flora and regularize intestinal transit. Due to the presence of resistant starches, NutraMet Fiber contributes to the reduction of postprandial blood glucose elevation when substituted for digestible starches in a meal.

Contributes to the acceleration of intestinal transit (Wheat Fiber)2
Promotes the balance of intestinal bacterial flora3
Helps reduce postprandial glycemic response (Resistant starch)2
Directions: take 2-4 scant scoops of NutraMet Fiber daily, as needed, at any time of day (ask your doctor, nutritionist or pharmacist). Dissolve the contents of one scoop in a glass of non-carbonated water (200 ml) or other beverage (juice, milk, fruit juice), stirring carefully. You can also add NutraMet Fiber to yogurt or homogenized fruit, smoothies or other dishes, cold or hot, as desired.


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